‘Life of a kingdom kid’

By Chimwemwe Nyirenda

Being a Kingdom kid can bring about pressure from the church to be a perfect child. If you were raised in the church like myself then you too identify as a kingdom kid. We are expected to know our Bibles from start to end, to serve in the kingdom, always attend church gatherings, always wear a big smile and be nice and respectful. We are expected to get baptized at young ages and keep running the good race.

All these things are good things, but there is need to grow strong roots. In attempt to meet those expectations as good children, we do get baptized at young ages, we attend every event with huge smiles. But as time goes on, we grow and discover our selves, and are exposed to soo much. With great exposure, we tend to begin to question our faith and little by little, if not careful, we drift away without noticing it.
Some of us begin to live a double life and we get comfortable with being lukewarm. We live like those in the world during the week and on sundays we’re holy and that becomes our lifestyle. In some cases, some of us completely leave the church in an attempt to rediscover ourselves.

My encouragement would not to let shame hold you back. In time of drift, its okay to go back to the basics and relearn everything. Some times you may discover that all that pressure we might have felt was all in our heads. It’s never to late, you’re not alone and your heavenly father never stops loving you.

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